US band of ‘Scotch-Irish hillbilly insanity’ or ‘Celtic punk-grass’

Tan and sober gentlemen

There were a group of special guests at the Celt Bar in Dublin recently, and it has to be said they came with their own sense of spirit.

The Tan and Sober Gentlemen have been in town and they put on an unexpected show for the locals that had everyone tapping their feet.

Tan and sober gentlemen

The band are from North Carolina and have formed their own unique sound drawing upon their Celtic and US roots.

With musical influences from The Pogues to Johnny Cash, the Tan and Sober Gentlemen have developed their own musical niche.

They describe themselves as ‘Scotch-Irish hillbilly insanity’, and have dubbed their sound “Celtic punk-grass.”

While in Dublin, the band dropped by the iconic Celt Bar, and couldn’t resist putting on a bit of a show.

A video was sent to the Irish Independent, of the impromptu performance by the band for the pub staff.

One of the people in attendance was a talented young Irish dancer, who added her own skills to the party to make a great combined effort of cultures and sounds.

The result is a fast-paced, toe-tapping, fiddle-playing musical mayhem, which all adds up to make a great video, certainly worth a look to any fans of Irish music.

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