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Who spends the most on takeaway and restaurant food in Ireland?

Dubliners spend the most money on takeaways and restaurant meals than people from any other county according to a recent survey.

It revealed that people living in the capital spend an average of €115 per month on treating themselves to something fancy rather than cooking a home meal.

Irish restaurant and takeaway spending habits revealed

That is €24 more than the national average spend of €91 per month, roughly the cost of one extra takeaway for two.

The data was compiled by AIB, who recorded the spending habits of Irish people by tracking the transactions on their debit and credit cards.

The county that spends the least on takeaways and restaurant meals was Co Monaghan with a monthly average of just €59.

The survey was based on the transactions made by customers aged 18-60 using the AIB’s mobile app.

It also looked at the spending habits regarding grocery shopping.

The average household spends €228 per month on groceries, with men being more flexible with the budget spending an average of €249 compared to women who spend an average of €210.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, it is middle-aged people who spend the most in stocking the cupboards, with people aged between 50 and 54 spending an average of €367 on the monthly shop.

That is compared to just over €100 average spend by people aged between 19 and 24, although many of these could be young adults still living at home with their parents.

Other spending habits that were revealed in the survey included clothes shopping, with women (€119) spending double the amount that men (€59) do on their wardrobe each month.

Irish people also spend an average of €16 on monthly subscriptions for services such as Netflix and Spotify.

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