Take a video tour of fairytale castle in Ireland

Fairytale castle

take a look inside this fairytale Irish castle which was restored to its former glory over a 15 year period by a hard working couple.

Fr Matthew Tower. Photo taken from www.sherryfitz.ie
Fr Matthew Tower. Photo taken from www.sherryfitz.ie

Eamonn and Teresa O’Rourke have lived in Fr Mathew Tower for more than 15 years.

The castle was in need of work when they purchased it, but after just 9 months of restoration, much of it carried out personally by carpenter Eamonn, it was fit to be lived in and worthy of the title dream home.

Speaking to the Independent, Teresa said: “One day we noticed it was for sale and went to view it. Eamonn decided on the spot that he wanted to live there. The house itself was in good enough nick and I began to see the possibilities. So we bought it in 1996 and started work in 1997.

“When you’re a child, every little girl dreams of living in a castle like a princess. It’s a magical thing, but you don’t actually expect it to happen.”

Fr Mathew Tower was originally built in the 1840s, as a tribute to a Tipperary priest that managed to get half of Ireland to turn tee total.

Father Theobald Matthew transformed the country with his alcohol free campaign. The rate of murders, thefts and riots all decreased dramatically.

The business owners and authorities of the day were so grateful to Matthew, that they ordered the construction of the castle in his honour.

Teresa went on to say: “When guests arrive sometimes they wonder whether they’ll be allowed have a drink. Of course we enjoy a glass in moderation and the cellar is perfect for keeping wine at just the right temperature.”

The 6,500 sq ft property is available for less than €1m, with the couple ready to move on and let another family enjoy living in the fairytale castle.

American businessmen buying up Ireland’s castle

Take the video tour below.

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