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Syrian boy with a Belfast brogue wins the hearts of people all over the nation

A Syrian boy living in Belfast has warmed people’s hearts across the nation after he was interviewed by the BBC.
Young Mohammed now has a Belfast accent and impressed people with his remarkable ability to learn new languages.

The 11-year-old was so successful at picking up English that he now acts as an interpreter for some of his classmates.
Syrian schoolboy Mohammed
He goes to St Clare’s Primary School, where there is a lot diversity in the ethnic background of the pupils.
A BBC video featuring Mohammed went viral as he spoke about passing on information to his classmates.
He explained that from his travels away from Syria he has learned French and English. He hopes to learn another language, with Spanish and Irish being his top choices.
He has integrated into his new country extremely well and is a big fan of Gaelic sports.
After his video went viral, the BBC went back to the Michael Davitts’ Gaelic Athletic Club to ask him about the initial interview.
Mohammed said: “I thought [the news report] was going to be a normal thing, but it just went viral. Everyone was congratulating me on it, so I was happy.”
Barry McMahon is a teacher at St Clare’s and says that Gaelic sports are a great way for children from different backgrounds to integrate into their new community.
He said: “It’s a way for them to come together. A lot of the children who come here have language barriers and it’s a way of making friends and just belonging to something.”
Take a look at the video below.

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