Survey reveals 54% of tourists come for the Irish pub experience

Irish pubs are key attraction for tourists

Over half of tourists who visit Ireland are tempted to the country by the Irish pub, according to a new survey by the ‘Support Your Local’ campaign.

The survey revealed that the Irish pub was the second most popular reason given by tourists for why they chose to visit Ireland.
The most popular reason was the culture and heritage of the country as many tourists have Irish ancestry and visit Ireland to see where their family came from.
Irish pubs are key attraction for tourists
The results of the survey were reached following interviews with recent tourists to Ireland and people who are planning to visit over the remainder of the summer.
It revealed that 57% of tourists said that culture and heritage was a key reason for visiting Ireland, while 54% said that they came to sample the famous atmosphere of the Irish pub.
Irish pubs are envied across the world for their warm and welcoming atmosphere and a mixture of tourists and interesting locals enjoying the ‘craic’.
The results from the Support Your Local survey could prove significant as the campaigners are worried that government policies are suffocating the Irish pub industry. The results of the survey suggest that this in turn could have a negative effect on the vital tourism industry.
President of the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland Noreen O’Sullivan said: “As it stands, excise is around 31% on beer, 68% on whiskey, and 64% on wine. These taxes are damaging our competitiveness and costing jobs.”
O’Sullivan, who also runs a pub in Tipperary continued: “The survey reinforces the centrality of the Irish pub to Ireland’s tourism product.”
Bart Storan of the Support Your Local campaign said: “Our pubs and hospitality are renowned globally as part of the Irish character and experience. In every city, town and village, pubs are part of the unique fabric of the community, supporting jobs, catalysing spending, and sharing our story around the world.”
Other popular answers in the survey revealed that 90% of tourists said that the Irish people enhanced their enjoyment of the holiday.
When asked what sums up Ireland to them, 25% said the word ‘friendly’ while 20% think of the ‘green grass and countryside’.
Irish pubs are popular with millions of people across the world, including Hollywood stars. Take a look at this video of actor John C. Reilly having a sing-along in an Irish pub earlier this month.
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