Wonderfully catchy anthem for Irish fans this summer

Wonderfully catchy anthem for Irish fans this summer

Musician Andy Wilson has written a brilliant anthem for Irish football fans from north and south of the border for this summer in France.
As Wilson sings in the wonderfully catchy Summer of ‘16: “When we’re over there with our ginger hair we’ll be standing side by side.”Wonderfully catchy anthem for Irish fans this summer
The Dublin-born songwriter really captured the Irish spirit in the song with its feel-good factor and craic loving video. It contains comical lines and also powerful lyrics about the unity of the two countries.
It is also incredibly catchy and is bound to be a big hit throughout the European Championships.
Wilson posted this message on his Facebook page to thank everyone who helped create the song and the video.
Here we go! Huge thanks to the brilliant DeepRed Productions for making this great video and to Leslie Burton who spent hours painting little men and making miniature loaves of bread and then helped to make it all work. We’d also like to thank the staff of Coughlan’s Live for letting us loose for a day in their great pub, and Éanna Buckley of Cork City FC for sorting out the use of the stadium and of course to everyone in the video for giving it absolute socks. Come on you boys in green!
Both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have qualified for the finals which will take place in France in June and July.
Take a look at the video below and you will definitely be singing Summer of ’16 to yourself for the rest of the day. Here is the chorus to get you started.

From the rolling hills of Donegal to the banks of the River Lee,
And the mouth of the River Liffey to the Wild Atlantic Sea.
In the summer of 16, we’ll be following the team,
And we’ll all stand up together when we follow the boys in green.

Irish fans are famous for their loyal support of the national team, and also their fun-loving nature.
The last time the Republic qualified for a major tournament was four years ago. The team struggled against top quality opposition and lost all three of their games but the fans remained positive throughout and never stopped singing and cheering on their team.
The noise in the stadium was so impressive during Ireland’s 4-0 defeat by Spain, that television channels from several different countries told their commentators to sit in silence so that viewers at home could sample the atmosphere created by the Irish fans.
Here is a clip of the Irish fans showing their class as they sing Fields of Athenry to lift their team, despite trailing to the best team in the world at the time.

This year’s group is just as daunting but the Irish fans will be with the team every step of the way.