Stunning video of Australian surfers riding giant Irish waves

An Australian surfing crew have filmed some stunning footage of the waves off the coast of Co Clare.
Professional surfers from the Billabong Adventure Division visited Ireland for the first time and were impressed with the enormous waves coming in from the Atlantic Ocean.
Stunning video of Australian surfers riding giant Irish waves
Ireland has become a leading destination for people wanting to go on surfing holidays in recent years.
Shane Dorian and Benjamin Sanchis travelled to Lahinch, Co Clare to see if everything they had heard about Ireland was true; the fantastic surf, the beautiful places and of course the legendary Irish hospitality.
They weren’t disappointed and spent their days riding the waves on the Lahinch coastline, and their nights sampling the local Irish music scene at Kenny’s Bar.
The duo had such a great time that they wanted to give something back, this spectacular video of them surfing under the break of the giant waves.
The camera work is every bit as impressive as the surfing, as the enormity of the waves is captured brilliantly in the video.
And to give it that extra bit of Irish charm, the video is accompanied by a soundtrack of traditional Irish music recorded live at Kenny’s Bar.
Take a look for yourself.