Study says Irish tourists are among the grumpiest in the world

Study says Irish tourists are among the grumpiest in the world

Irish holiday makers have been named as the second grumpiest in the world by data analysts RewardExpert.

While the Irish have a great reputation for friendliness and hospitality towards visitors to Ireland – it seems they are quick to complain if they don’t get the same treatment when they are abroad.

RewardExpert’s results came from a thorough analysis of 3.5 million hotel reviews from over 70 countries.

Study says Irish tourists are among the grumpiest in the world

They looked at the nationalities of the reviewers and compiled their list of the grumpiest travellers based on were most likely to leave negative reviews.

Only Spain had grumpier travellers than Ireland, according to the figures.

The grumpiest travellers in the world for 2018, according to RewardExpert

1 – Spain
2 – Ireland
3 – Iceland
4 – Italy
5 – Bulgaria
6 – Zimbabwe
7 – Denmark
8 – Turkey
9 – Iran
10 – Lithuania

It wasn’t all bad news for Ireland. It seems although many Irish travellers were quick to give a negative review, there were also plenty of took their positivity abroad and left glowing reviews.

RewardExperts said of Irish tourists: “It would seem that the luck of the Irish does not extend to international travel accommodations.

“Tourists hailing from the Emerald Isle are the most likely to leave one and two-star reviews of hotels abroad, taking second place on our grumpiest tourists list with 11.97 percent of 53,429 reviews being one or two stars.

“Irish tourists compensate for this, somewhat, by being relatively free with five-star reviews, which made up 41.27 percent.

“Four-star (and three-star, for that matter) ratings among Irish tourists, however, were relatively rare (ranked 73rd). The net result is that, while Irish tourists are remarkably cranky, Spanish tourists were able to edge them out.”

It would appear Ireland can be a nation of extremes. Despite the grumpiness of many Irish holiday makers, there are still plenty of fun loving Irish tourists to balance them out.

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Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling