Street artist James Earley paints Dublin Quay

Irish street artist James Earley paints Dublin Quay

Take a look at this YouTube video of a street artist in action, painting over graffiti at Dublin Quay and creating a fantastic mural.

The artist is James Earley who explains that a passion for epic artwork and imagery is in his genes. His family used to run a stained glass studio for over 100 years until the 1970s.
While Earley’s style of art is more modern than that of previous generations of his family, he retains the look and feel of stained glass in the images he creates with a spray can.
Irish street artist James Earley paints Dublin Quay
He explains that he is inspired not only by his family’s history in stained glass but also the people of Dublin and the city itself.
He said: “I don’t want to make it sound too cliché but it is the people that make Dublin stand out.”
He also said that he likes street art because it is not exclusive. He said: “It is very involving with the general community. It’s free for people to go and enjoy. It’s not elitist, it’s not high art, it’s not low art, it’s very much easily digestible by the entire public.”
The video comes from the Visit Dublin YouTube channel and is called Painting Dublin.
Take a look below.