Stirring rendition of traditional song by Irish choir

UCD Choral Scholars perform stirring rendition of Irish classic

An Irish choir have produced a video that showcases their phenomenal vocal talents as they belt out their version of a classic traditional song.

The video is by The UCD Choral Scholars and features Mark Waters on solo, with backing from a full male and female choir.

They perform the Irish traditional favourite ‘Mo Ghille Mear’ (My Gallant Hero), with musical accompaniment from bodhrán player Brian Garvin.

Waters is a fantastic singer and his voice has a timeless quality. He is able to draw you in as he performs the verses solo – with the bodhrán providing rhythm in the background.

The song really bursts into life at the chorus when the rest of the choir join Waters. Together they deliver a really stirring rendition of a song that means a great deal to many Irish people.

Mo Ghille Mear’ was written by Seán Clárach Mac Dómhnaill, who was a poet from Cork, born in 1691.

The song is taken from the debut album of the UCD Choral Scholars called ‘Invisible Stars’. The album is described as ‘an enchanting collection of traditional and contemporary choral music from Ireland and Scotland’.

Take a look at the video below. If you feel like singing along, check out the lyrics to the song below the video.

Mo Ghille Mear lyrics

lyrics in Irish
’Sé mo laoch mo ghille mear
’Sé mo Shaesar, ghille mear,
Ní fhuaras féin aon tsuan ná séan,
Ó chuaigh i gcéin mo ghille mear.
Bímse buan ar buairt gach ló,
Ag caoi go crua is ag tuar na ndeor
Mar scaoileadh uaim an buachaill beo
Is ná ríomhtar tuairisc uaidh, mo bhrón.
Ní haoibhinn cuach ba suairc ar neoin
Táid fíorchoin uasal ar uaithne sport
Táid saoite suaite i mbuairt ’s i mbrón
Ó scaoileadh uaim an buachaill beo
Is cosúil é le hAonghus Óg,
Le Lughaidh Mac Chéin na mbéimeann mór,
Le Cú Raoi, ardmhac Dáire an óir,
Taoiseach Éireann tréan ar tóir.
Le Conall Cearnach bhearnadh poirt,
Le Fearghas fiúntach fionn Mac Róigh
Le Conchubhar cáidhmhac Náis na nós,
Taoiseach aoibhinn Chraoibhe an cheoil.
Lyrics in English


My dashing darling is my hero
My dashing darling is my Caesar
I have had neither sleep nor good fortune
Since my dashing darling went far away
I am perpetually worried every day
Wailing heavily and shedding tears
Since my lively boy was released from me
And there is no word of him, alas


The pleasure of the cheerful cuckoo at noon is gone
The affable nobility are not bothered with sport
The learned and the cultured are worried and sad
Since the lively lad was taken from me


He is like Young Aonghus
Like Lughaidh Mac Chéin of the great blows
Like Cú Raoi, great son of Dáire of the gold
Leader of Éire strong in pursuit


Like Conall Cearnach who breached defences
Like worthy fair haired Feargas Mac Róigh
Like Conchubhar venerable son of Nás of the tradition
The pleasant chieftain of the musical [Fenian] Branch

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