Star Wars legend says ‘extraordinary’ Skellig Michael gave him the chills

Mark Hamill says Skellig Michael is not like anywhere he has ever seen

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill has spoken about his love of Ireland and what a joy it was to film 2017 Star Wars epic, The Last Jedi, at Skellig Michael.

The Luke Skywalker star said that the Irish island was like nowhere he has visited before and that a powerful feeling rushed over him.

The star told “I remember, I had this feeling that rushed over me when I was at the top of Skellig Michael, because the first thing we did on the original Star Wars, before Carrie came over or Harrison came over. I went with Sir Alec and Anthony and Kenny Baker – the two droids – and we went and we did the desert scenes in Tunisia.

Mark Hamill says Skellig Michael is not like anywhere he has ever seen

“We were out on the salt flats, which was 360 degrees of horizon, because it was built over- nothing grows there, because there was salt water underneath. And in between shots if I turned away and had the crew to my back, you could look out and in this unearthly terrain and the robots by your side and the floating car and the stand, and you’re in this outfit…

“It was very easy to just be transported and really feel like you were in a galaxy far, far away. It was just – y’know, I got the chills. And I never had that feeling again, until – not in Empire, when we went to Norway, it was brutally cold, but snow is snow, I’ve seen it before.

“In Jedi, we went to the Redwood forest, and again, gorgeous, but again, it was something that I was familiar with.

“Skellig, you’re up at the top, and I didn’t expect this to happen but I was sort of off to myself, and it was just at sunset, and there was the craggy rocks coming up, and I had that same feeling: ‘Oh my gosh, this is like being in another world.’ And as much as I joked and complained about having to climb that endless…

“Y’know, also, it was built in the 1100’s, and you go ‘How did they get these stones out the island in the first place?’, y’know? These monks must have built canoes or who knows, but it is a really extraordinary place.”

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