St Patrick’s Day 2020 passed by with an eerie silence

Dublin was very quiet on St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day 2020 was one like no other in Ireland or the rest of the world as parades were cancelled, streets deserted, and pubs and bars either closed or empty.

The coronavirus outbreak has affected all corners of society in most countries around the world.

Dublin was very quiet on St Patrick's Day

The St Patricks Day celebrations were just one of a series of events that have been postponed or cancelled as governments take varying drastic steps to try and limit/control/delay the spread of the deadly virus.

The official advice from medical experts has been to cancel all indoor or outdoor gatherings and for the public to employ a behaviour known as ‘social distancing’ which simply means stay away from others as best you can.

The world is facing a pandemic, and tackling the coronavirus is the primary topic on everyone’s minds.

It all made for a rather sombre day of celebration for Ireland’s patron saint.

The Irish Independent created a video tour of Dublin on St Patrick’s Day.

Ordinarily there would be thousands and thousands of revellers, from Ireland and all other corners of the world.

A sea of green white and orange and makeshift leprechauns, where the Guinness hats are only outnumbered by actual pints of the iconic Irish stout.

St Patrick’s Day is a day when Ireland celebrates Ireland, and so does the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, as the world is in the midst of a global crisis regarding the coronavirus pandemic, St Patrick’s celebrations quite rightly took a backseat this year.

Hopefully in 12 months’ time we will see a more familiar scene in Ireland, and everywhere else too.

Take a look at the Independent video of St Patrick’s Day in Dublin in 2020.

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