Irish star ‘actually dropped the phone’ at news she had role in Marvel movie

Irish star 'actually dropped the phone' when told she had role in Marvel movie

Irish star Clare Dunne has revealed she was on the verge of giving up her acting career when she received the call telling her she had landed a role in the new Marvel film.

“I actually dropped the phone!” said the Irish actress as she recalled the moment she was told she would play Victoria in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Dunne spoke to ahead of the release of her self-written drama Herself.

However, while her career is now very much on an upward trajectory, she admitted that things were not always so rosy.

She spoke about the moment she was told she landed the role in the Marvel movie.

“It was amazing, it was such a rush. Because literally, that job fell out of the sky on me.

“And I was literally having one of those weeks where I was like ‘Why am I an actor?’, and my agent rings me and says ‘Clare, you’re in Dublin right now, yeah? Okay, this is a bit mad, but you’ve been offered a role in a Marvel movie with Jake Gyllenhaal, and they need you in London but Sunday night.’

“I dropped the phone. Actually dropped the phone. So Marvel are incredible. If they like actors, and they just haven’t given them a job yet, they keep their tapes, and they keep them in mind for future things. So during the Spider-Man movie, they were just creating, and they were on the go and writing during filming.

“So they created this team around Jake Gyllenhaal, and they were like ‘We just need really good actors, but we need them next week.’ So me and these three other actors from the UK all got hired and drove in or flown in or whatever it was, and it was so last minute.”

The Dublin star explained that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being part of a Marvel production, particularly the touches of luxury that are not always found on film sets.

Dunne continued: “It was just such a lovely experience, I can’t explain it. The food was amazing! The accommodation! They obviously had money to burn! Basically, it was just incredible. Tom is an absolute gent. Jake is lovely. And that whole experience is so mad, because it was at a moment when I was thinking ‘Geez, what am I gonna do?’

“It was one of those stories that I’ve heard other actors have, and I was like ‘Oh my god! It happened to me!’ And then I had to not say anything to anyone. I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone, but I just had the best time. I had about eight days on set, even though blink-and-you’ll-miss-me in the film. We made loads of material, because they just need the material to work from, and then they decide in the end, in the edits.

“But I had a great time, it was absolutely fabulous.”

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