Son ‘swims’ home from Australia to his mother’s delight

An Irishman living in Australia gave his mother an almighty shock when he clambered out of the ocean to give her a hug.
Irishman-swims-ocean-to-slurprise-mother Image Ireland Calling
Nicola Nolan took her mother to the beachside in Ireland and ordered her to watch a video on her laptop.
The video showed Nicola’s brother Stephen in Australia. Stephen tells his mother that he’s sorry, but he won’t be able to get back to Ireland for a family wedding. He then says, “But if I start swimming now, then maybe I’ll get there on time. Let’s go!” The video then shows him running down the Australian beach and into the sea.
Nicola then tells her mother to look up at the beach and asks her: “Who’s that man?”
Stephen’s mother gets out of the car for a closer look to see a man in shorts walking out of the sea. She runs down to the beach to greet her boy. Nicola follows her down to Stephen and the three share a family hug.
Watch the emotional video below. Be warned, Stephen does use some bad language to express how cold it is. In this case he can be forgiven, as he’s in a pair of shorts on a windy beach having just climbed out of the sea, all to make his mammy happy.