Special effects editor get shock call to direct rap star’s music video

Special effects editor get shock call to direct rap star's music video

An Irish special effects editor received a shock call from international superstar Snoop Dogg asking him to direct his latest music video.

Peter Quinn moved from Northern Ireland to the USA more than ten years ago to work in the video special effects industry.

Like most of us, he found himself at home a lot of the time during the covid pandemic and began playing around with special effects on his home videos.

He posted his videos onto social media and the response was huge with millions of people watching.

Peter’s online fans included one of the world’s most famous music stars, Snoop Dogg.

The rapper reached out to Peter asking if he would direct one of his music videos.

Peter was delighted to help out and explained that things all moved pretty quickly from there.

He said: “When you get this message from Snoop Dogg saying ‘Come on in and make a music video’, what happens next is a bit of a rollercoaster.”

Snoop Dogg is one of the most famous people in the world thanks to his career in music that has spanned for three decades.

He has also featured in numerous movies and television shows and is admired by fans for both his musical talents and also his inclusive approach to collaborations and teamwork.

Peter came up with the idea of dressing Snoop in a green costume, so when filmed in front of a green screen it would only be his head that remained visible.

From there, he could create any background and setting he wanted with Snoop’s head floating in the middle of the scene as he delivered his lyrics.

The exciting project was all filmed at Snoop Dogg’s Inglewood compound and then Peter explained he had two weeks at home on his computer to play around with the footage to create the music video.

He joked that when he was done, he pressed send to Snoop Dogg and nervously waited for a response.

Peter received a message back from one of Snoop’s team saying: “He loves it, thank you bro.”

Of course, Peter was extremely relieved and also delighted that he could say: “Yes, Snoop Dogg loves my video!”

The BBC put together a short film of the unexpected collaboration between Peter and Snoop. It shows some of the process they went through to get the footage for the music video, but we will have to wait for its official release to see the completed project.

Take a look at the BBC video below.