Charming garden centre employee is a marketer’s dream

Charming garden centre employee is a marketer’s dream

An Irish department store has made an impact online with its comical adverts featuring one of their staff.

Smyths Arro in Wexford chose their charismatic employee Dermot to star in their latest marketing campaign.
Charming garden centre employee is a marketer’s dream
Dermot’s charm and humour have proved popular with the public as the videos have been viewed and shared thousands of times.

The first video sees Dermot talk about the fantastic offers Smyths Arro have on gardening tools.

The ad begins with Dermot wandering onto the screen singing “Oh, don’t forget your shovel when you go digging spuds.”

Is this an old Irish farming ditty to help them remember their tools? Or is it just a jokey stereotype that Dermot came up with for the comical ad? You can decide.

He then ‘realises’ he’s on camera and begins promoting the store’s various gardening tools.

Dermot points out that the hoes in Smyths Arro are available for just €5.99 before adding: “You wouldn’t get better in Amsterdam, them hoes ain’t loyal!”

In another video, Dermot is showing off his ‘Badger’s Claw’ gardening gloves, and proceeds to demonstrate how easy it is to plant your onions using his new bit of kit.

Both videos have proven to be very popular online, and have no doubt helped drive sales in the Co Wexford store.

Take a look for yourself, and if you are in Enniscorthy anytime soon then maybe even drop by and see Dermot in action for yourself.

Written by Andrew Moore