Sleep beneath the stars in the Irish countryside in these fantastic bubble domes

Bubble domes, Finn Lough, Co. Fermanagh

Take a look at these magnificent ‘bubble domes’ that allow visitors to sleep in comfort beneath the stars.

The romantic getaway can be found in at Finn Lough, Co. Fermanagh.

The domes feature four poster beds and en-suite bathrooms within 180-degree, transparent walls which means visitors can lay back and look up at the night sky.

Bubble domes, Finn Lough, Co. Fermanagh

Despite the transparent walls, visitors can be assured their privacy is maintained thanks to the setting within the woodland.

The Finn Lough website says: “The Forest Domes feature 180° transparent walls allowing you to truly immerse yourself within the beauty and tranquilly of nature.”

It is also beside the stunning countryside and lakes, meaning there are plenty of activities such as water sports, fishing, walking, cycling, tennis or a visit to the spa to enjoy.

The domes also feature a telescope to allow users to get an even better view of the stars.

While the domes are available all year round, it is suggested that the months of January to March are the optimum time to go in order to get clearest look at the stars.

The website continues: “Escape the noise of the outside world and enjoy stargazing in comfort for the perfect romantic break in Northern Ireland.”

Take a look at the video below.

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