Skinny dipping world record broken at Wicklow beach as thousands raise money for charity

Skinny dipping world record broken at Wicklow beach as thousands raise money for charity

Over 2,500 women in Ireland have skinny dipped their way into the Guinness book of records – and raised money for a great charity in the process.

The women got down to their birthday suits in a secluded part of Magheramore Beach in Co Wicklow and took to the sea.

It was the largest ever skinny dip, as confirmed by a Guinness adjudicator, who had flown in from Italy for the occasion.

Skinny dipping world record broken at Wicklow beach as thousands raise money for charity

The official total number of skinny dippers was an impressive 2.505.

The women had to stay in the sea for at least five minutes to qualify as part of the record.

The previous record had been set in Perth, Australia, in 2015 when 786 skinny dippers took part.

The Wicklow women raised money for the Aoibheann’s Pink Tie charity which looks after children with cancer.

It was the sixth consecutive year that the event has taken place, but this year they turned it up a notch.

They decided they were going to go for the world record, so they put a lot of effort into getting the word out.

It worked a charm as women flew to Ireland from all over the world – including South Africa, Australia, the USA and Canada.

The event was organised by Deirdre Featherstone, who is a cancer survivor. She is delighted to have broken the world record.

She posted on her social media page: “We’ve done it. We are in the Guinness Book of Records. 2505 ladies stripped and dipped. Incredible day in Wicklow.
“The most important thing is that we’ve raised a lot of much-needed funds for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie.”

The record looks safe for now after a group of skinny dippers in Vancouver failed in their attempt to outdo the Wicklow women. The Canadians attracted about 800 participants…a valiant effort but only about a third of the number that set the record in Ireland.

Take a look at the video below (not for the faint hearted.)


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Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling