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Derry Girls star talks about Britain’s lack of education over Ireland

Derry Girls actress Siobhan McSweeney has spoken about the basic lack of knowledge about Ireland amongst the British public, and the issues that has led to regarding their views on Brexit.

McSweeney, who plays the ever-frustrated and cynical headmistress Sister Michael in the hit comedy series, was speaking to Joe.ie about the ongoing saga of Brexit.

Derry Girls star talks about Britain's lack of education over Ireland

She said: “I don’t think people in Britain understand how fluid the border is between the Republic and Northern Ireland.”

The Cork-born actress spoke about her experiences of seeing British people who knew little about the history of their country, and how politicians have misguided the public into believing in a national identity that was not real.

McSweeney said: “You’re just not taught it in schools, there is a huge gap in your knowledge. When I went to drama school they didn’t understand why, coming from Cork, I was using Euro, why I needed a passport. These are fundamental things and they aren’t stupid people, so it is a lack of education.”

The discussion continued about why there is the lack of teaching in Britain about the history between Ireland and Britain.

McSweeney went on to describe the politicians as caricatures, and not real people.

The debate over Brexit has been an ongoing saga for the last couple of years, but is now coming to a head with British Prime Minister saying that Britain will leave the EU on 31st October with or without a deal.

The border between Northern Ireland and the Republic has remained one of the key sticking points in the negotiations as it will become the border between Britain and the EU.

Take a look at McSweeney’s interview below.

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