Singing Priest soars past 8 million YouTube views

Singing priest Father Ray Kelly has become an internet sensation and has now been viewed more than 8 million times on YouTube.

Ireland Calling brought the story to you earlier in the week, about the Co Meath priest’s impromptu song tribute to a happy couple he was marrying.

Singing Priest, Father Ray Kelly

Father Kelly sand a moving version of Lionel Cohen’s Hallelujah, with the lyrics adapted to personalise it for the stunned newlyweds Chris and Leah O’Kane.

The Ireland Calling Facebook page has been awash with likes and comments paying tribute to the mischievous Father Kelly, who didn’t warn Chris and Leah that he planned to burst into song in the middle of their wedding.

“Wonderful”, “Beautiful”, “Fantastic” and “Amazing” were just some of the descriptions of Father Kelly’s voice.

People were unanimous in their praise and Kathleen Reilly Acker even joked that she would be happy to renew her vows if she could get Father Kelly to perform again: “I’ve been married for almost 34 years but I’d stage a rerun if this Priest would sing for me!”

Kieran McErlain posted: “What a voice Fr Ray Kelly has, fantastic to listen to and watch, what a memory to cherish.”

Frances Nicolai added: “I loved this…..Everyone needs to see this ceremony.”

However, it is Father Kelly’s playful spirit that has attracted as much attention his voice. Here are just a few of the comments posted by our Facebook friends:

Mary Jo: “An amazing and special gift from Father Kelly…..and of course his own special Irish Charm….Bravo and Congratulations to Father Kelly and to the newlyweds…for making their day memorable and not to be forgotten.”

Patchouli Oil: “He seems like a feel good person, watching him and listening to the song was a wonderful experience.”

Carolyn Landry-Dompkowski: “Whew!!!! Got chills & tears. One of my favourite songs and sung beautifully with just a bit of a twinkle. Fantastic!!!!!!!”

Elaine Orazem: “I love the eyebrow wiggles.”

The YouTube video has been viewed more than eight million times in the past few days, and it looks like Father Kelly’s time in the spotlight is set to continue for a while longer. Thanks to all our Facebook friends for such a generous response to Father Kelly’s song.

And for those of you who haven’t yet seen Father Kelly’s song, here it is. Enjoy.