Singer Hozier has the most Irish requests ever on his US tour

Hozier - Co Wicklow singer had possibly the most ‘Irish’ rider ever when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon Live. Photo copyright Neon Tommy and Katie Buenneke cc2

Irish singer songwriter Hozier likes the comforts of home when he leaves the country to tour and play his music to fans around the world.

That is apparent when you take a look at his rider requests from when he recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon Live in the US.

A rider is a list of items that an artist can request be provided for them backstage at a concert or TV appearance.

Hozier - Co Wicklow singer had possibly the most ‘Irish’ rider ever when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon Live. Photo copyright Neon Tommy and Katie Buenneke cc2

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In the past many artists, either through boredom or having developed giant egos, have famously submitted bizarre and self-indulgent demands on their riders.

Grace Jones requested an extremely expensive and extravagant rider which included things such as numerous bottles of Champagne and vintage wine, oysters on ice, bunches of lilies and orchids and several other luxurious items.

Products on Hozier's rider including Barry's tea, Tayto crisps and Cadbury's Dairy milk
Products on Hozier’s rider posted on FallonTonight Instagram page

During the 1980s rock band Van Halen famously requested bowls of M&Ms with the proviso that all brown M&Ms must be painstakingly removed.

Thankfully Co Wicklow singer Hozier is far more down to earth. His rider was an inexpensive and simple list of confectioneries that reminded him of home.

He had asked for classic Irish products like Barry’s tea, Tayto crisps and Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate – (which although a British product, is also hugely popular in Ireland).

A post from the Instagram page of FallonTonight revealed Hozier’s request.

The text along with the photo said; “Behold. The fuel of my kinsmen fills the @hozier band-room. #FallonTonight.”

Goes to show you can take the boy out of Ireland, but you can’t take Ireland out of the boy. Nice to see that despite his rise to fame, Hozier has remained true to his Irish roots!

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