Sinéad O’Connor apologises for saying white people are disgusting

Sinéad O'Connor

Sinéad O’Connor has apologised for comments she made last year when she said that ‘white people are disgusting’.

The singer has said she was not well at the time and was reacting to Islamophobic taunts from social media trolls.

In 2018, O’Connor had said that she never wanted to spend time with white people again and branded them ‘disgusting’.

Sinéad O'Connor

The star had recently converted from Christianity to Islam, which had led to her being subjected to online abuse.

O’Connor has now apologised for the comments and said that it is not true to say white people are disgusting.

She posted on twitter: “As regards to remarks I made while angry and unwell, about white people… they were not true at the time and they are not true now.

“I was triggered as a result of islamophobia dumped on me. I apologize for hurt caused. That was one of many crazy tweets lord knows.”

O’Connor also hit back at claims that she constantly changes her religion.

She added: “Lots saying I’ve changed religions more than once. Not so. I was born into Christianity and I changed to Islam. So that’s one change. For those who have difficulty counting.

“I’ve actually never joined any religion other than Islam. I was born catholic. That wasn’t my choice. I remained catholic until I became Muslim. So I’ve only changed religion once. FYI.”

She told the Late Late Show that once she discovered Islam she felt like she had been a Muslim all her life.

She said: “I never thought I’d join another religion. I left Islam till last as I had so much prejudice about Islam, you know.

“I read chapter two of the Qu’ran and I realised I’m home, and that I’ve been a Muslim all my life. There’s a way of thinking.

“You can be a Muslim without actually being a Muslim as it’s a headset. A Muslim is someone who believes nothing should be worshipped except God.

“In the same way I would have embraced Christianity, there’s things I like and things I don’t like; things I identify with and things I don’t.”

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community