Shocking footage captures couple’s near death experience in Northern Ireland

Shocking footage sees a couple nearly hit by a train in tunnel

Shocking CCTV footage has shown how close a couple in Northern Ireland came to death after they strayed too far away from the beach and toward the railway tracks.
The footage was taken from on board the train as it approached a tunnel at high speed.
As the train speeds along the track toward the tunnel the camera picks up a figure who appears to be waving frantically at the train.
Shocking footage sees a couple nearly hit by a train in  tunnel
The track runs adjacent to the coast and it is clear that the man, who is dressed in swimming shorts, has wandered away from the beach and perilously close to the tracks.
It is also clear that his frantic waves are in vain as the train is moving at far too great a speed to slow down or stop from the point that the man came in to view.
Once the train moves into the tunnel, the full horror becomes apparent as there are two figures picked up by the camera. They have wandered into the tunnel and could be seen desperately trying to avoid the impact of the oncoming train.
As the train came out of the tunnel it was finally able to slow to a halt – but by then it would have been far too late.
Thankfully nobody was injured during the incident but the video should serve as a reminder to anyone how dangerous it can be to get too near to railway tracks.
Take a look at the shocking video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling