Shock video shames speeding drivers over child deaths

A shocking video warning drivers of the consequences of speeding has split public opinion.

Shock video shames speeding drivers over child deaths
It informs the viewer that speeders in Northern Ireland have killed a ‘class full of children’ since the year 2000, and signs off with the line: “Shame on you!”
The ad was produced by the Northern Irish government, and has received so many complaints that it will only be broadcast after the 9pm watershed.
On the other hand, the video has gone viral on YouTube with plenty of people applauding the shocking theme as a method of getting a vital message to the viewer.
The advert features a class of young children going on a school trip into the woods. It shows heart-warming images of the children catching wildlife and playing outdoors.
The advert also features a side-story of a man rushing to get to work on time. The two stories collide in what is a shocking and upsetting finale. There is no dialogue amongst the characters in the story, with the soundtrack to the ad being a sombre acoustic version of the Guns ‘n’ Roses rock classic Sweet Child o’ Mine.
Watch the advert for yourself below, but please be warned, it contains content that some viewers may find upsetting.