Twins Irish dance to Ed Sheeran hit

Twins Irish dance to Ed Sheeran hit

A pair of Irish dancing twins have created a video of themselves performing to Ed Sheeran’s hit song Nancy Mulligan.

Gavin and Niamh Shevlin are twin Irish dancers. They headed to the cliffs on the Co Donegal coast and danced a beautiful routine in time with Sheeran’s music.

Twins Irish dance to Ed Sheeran hit

The song they performed to was Nancy Mulligan, which tells the story of Sheeran’s grandparents’ love story.

As the singer describes in the lyrics, his grandfather William Sheeran from the North, fell in love with Nancy Mulligan from the South during the Second World War.

Although William was a Protestant and Nancy was a Catholic the two got married and have eight children together.

It is not the first time Ed has referenced his Irish heritage in his music.

The song creates the perfect soundtrack for the twins to show off their fancy footwork.

Take a look for yourself.

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