Five-year-old Ava and her daddy are the cutest sharks

Five-year-old Ava and her daddy are the cutest sharks

An Irish Dad and his daughter have created the cutest video you are likely to see online today.

Diarmaid Kirby, and his five-year-old girl Ava set up the camera phone, prepared the music and stepped out of the car to perform their routine.
Five-year-old Ava and her daddy are the cutest sharks

Baby Shark is a kids song which has become an internet storm in recent weeks.

The song describes different members of the shark family, such as Baby, Mommy, Daddy and Grandma Shark, while the dancers use their arms to make the jaws the size to match.

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Ava performed the dance moves with all the enthusiasm and energy you could expect from an adorable little five-year-old girl.

Diarmaid dances alongside Ava, with all the love and support you could hope to see from a doting daddy bursting with pride.

The pair come from Westmeath, and are no doubt local celebrities this week after their fantastic video went online.
Diarmaid laughed: “The things I do for this child, she wants to be famous.

“Ava had seen someone online doing the baby shark challenge and straight away was hooked, she’s a right little diva always mad for the attention.”

The video certainly brightened our day, and who knows, perhaps it is the start of something big in the entertainment world for both Ava and Diarmaid.

Take a look for yourself below.

Written by Andrew Moore