Irish women have the sexiest accent and the men aren't far behind

Irish women have the sexiest accent and the men aren't far behind

As if we didn’t already know – it is now official, Irish accents are the sexier than English, Welsh and Scottish.
A survey was carried out to find out the sexiest regional or national accent between Ireland and its neighbours.

Our girls received 26% of the total vote, meaning they topped the poll ahead of a ‘posh’ accent which gained 21% of the vote and the Geordie accent which came third with 14%.
The other female accents to make the shortlist were Brummies with 12% of the vote, Mancunians with 10% and the Scottish accent with just 6%.
No doubt, iconic Irish beauties such as Maureen O’Hara and Saoirse Ronan will have influenced many of the male voters.
The study was carried out by controversial affairs website Illicit Encounters. They surveyed 750 of their members to find out which accent is considered the sexiest.
Irish men also fared pretty well, finishing in third place. The Irish accent was voted the sexiest by 19% of women quizzed. The Scottish accent was considered sexiest by most with 24% of female votes, and a ‘posh’ accent came second with 20%.
The other accents voted as sexiest for men were Mancunian which gained 14% of votes, Geordie with 8% and Scouser with just 4%.
Illicit Encounters spokesperson Christian Grant explained: “The Irish accent is unarguably sexy.
“Why? It’s hard to say for sure, but we can make some logical guesses.
“First, there’s an incredible amount of variety in the accent for such a small country.
“The Irish are also incredibly inventive with their vocabulary; even someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the English language can have trouble keeping up sometimes.
“And finally, we can’t underestimate the influence of Irish celebrities.
“The Colin Farrells and Saoirse Ronans of this world fly the Irish flag in Hollywood.”
The surevy also found that 20% of men, and 17% of women, would find an ‘unattractive accent’ a good enough reason to avoid dating someone they would be otherwise interested in.

Written by Andrew Moore