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Secrets Irish people are willing to keep from their partners

More than half the women of Ireland admit they keep their shopping habits a secret from their partner.

The news comes ahead of the weekend extravaganza that is Black Friday where consumers are expected to spend €250m on gifts and treats.

Secrets Irish people are willing to keep from their partners

Online spending is set to rocket by 216% on last year, and in-store purchases will be up by 46%.

The figures come from a survey carried out by Lottoland who quizzed 1,000 Irish people about their spending habits.

Overall, 38% of Irish people admitted they would keep their spending a secret from their partner.

The survey discovered some other secrets people are willing to keep from their other halves.

There are also differing levels of morals spread across the various regions of Ireland.

For example, Dubliners are most likely to lie to their partner about where they are, and people from the surrounding Leinster counties are more inclined to fib about an ongoing or past affair.

People from Leinster are also the most likely to have a ‘burner’ phone that they keep secret from their partner.

The moral compasses of people further south are also slightly skewed. Munster people are the least likely in the country to be unfaithful, but they are the most willing to keep a big gambling win to themselves.

Up and down the country, around 17% of people admitted they would not let their partner know if they fancied someone else.

Graham Ross of Lottoland Ireland said “We all have our little secrets in life but with Black Friday, our survey is a timely reminder for Irish men to ignore the reassurances and keep a very suspicious eye on their female partners.

“As for Irish women, there’s going to be a lot more scrutiny of the typical Irish male’s Christmas socialising schedule, which usually starts this weekend, when the traditional dangers of office parties and that dangerous watercooler chemistry can sometimes boil over.

“Of course, a big lottery win won’t fix everyone’s cans of secret worms, but it’ll certainly help with the secret shopping habits!”

Other points of interest from the survey include that it is the age group of 55-64 that were most likely to be hiding affairs from their partners.

Keeping credit cards, sexual preferences and big money wins secret is most common amongst 18-24 year olds, whilst those aged 34-44 are the best at lying about their whereabouts.

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