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Dublin schoolgirl ‘could be as powerful as Beyonce’

A Dublin schoolgirl has been told she could be as big as Beyonce or Rihanna by music superstar Will.i.am.

Little Savannah Phoenix Munroe is just 8 years old, but she made a huge impression on the Black Eyed Peas rapper and his fellow judges when she auditioned on The Voice.

Dublin schoolgirl ‘could be as powerful as Beyonce’

Savannah sang Stevie Wonder’s classic soulful tune Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing.

Her voice simply blew the judges away, with all three of Will.i.am, Pixie Lott and Danny Jones immediately beaming with smiles as soon as they heard Savannah’s voice.

The mini-star performed with a confidence and stature that would usually only be displayed from the most experienced and accomplished singers.

The whole audience was captivated by Savannah, and Will.i.am hit his buzzer to turn around and face the youngster.

Fellow judges Danny and Pixie grinned across at each other before pressing their buzzers together, to signal that they wanted Savannah as part of their team.

Savannah, who was actually only seven when she auditioned, received a standing ovation from the crowd and judges and was visibly excited by the reception she was given.

Will.i.am asked her why she chose the song, to which she replied: “I just wanted a song that would make me feel good and all of you feel good.”

Will.i.am then made the bold statement: “Well you’re seven now, so when you’re 27 you’re gonna be as powerful as Rihanna and Beyonce.”

Wow, no pressure then Savannah!

Danny and Pixie gave Savannah glowing praise, and her mum Fleur was shown at the side of the stage, ready to explode with pride.

Savannah impressed so much that she had a choice of the three judges as to which one she wanted to help mentor her through the show.

The youngster nervously pondered for a moment before naming Will as her preferred coach for the rest of the series.

Although Danny and Pixie were disappointed not to have Savannah on their teams, they congratulated her and wished her the best of luck.

Following the audition Savannah revealed as well as her fantastic singing voice, she also has a sensible plan for her future.

She said: “I would like to be a singer and an actress, but if those don’t work out, I would like to go to medical school,” she said.

Proud mum Fleur added: “She has a soulful, pop sound. She’s worked really hard. All the kids worked very hard. To see the fruits of their labour working was great.”

Savannah must now prepare for the next phase of the competition, in which contestants ‘battle’ it out against each other onstage to take the limelight in a duet for the judges.

Take a look at the stunning audition below.

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