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Saoirse Ronan explains the Irish pub lock-in

Irish actress Saoirse Ronan appeared on US chat star Jimmy Fallon’s show and had him longing to live in Ireland when she told him about a particular custom.

Ronan was on the Tonight Show and Fallon told her that he is Irish although he had ‘lost his accent’.

They began by mentioning American stereotypes with Ronan saying: “I’ve been around Americans before when they play games – and you’re really competitive.”

Saoirse Ronan - Brooklyn star tells Jimmy Fallon about Irish pub lock-ins

She told a story about how an American friend had thrown a game night for her on her birthday – an experience that left her drained!

The conversation soon moved away from American culture as Fallon turned the tables and talked about a surprising experience he had had in Ireland.

He said that while he was visiting Kinsale with his sister, they had stayed in a B&B and were invited to have a drink with the owner after the pubs had closed.

To his surprise the ‘whole town’ were soon in the room having a drink with them and the owner locked the door.

The husband and wife who owned the place started playing musical instruments and everybody had a sing-song.

However, Ronan wasn’t too shocked. She sat there and said matter-of-factly: “That’s a lock-in.”

She went onto explain that the tradition began because of strict licensing hours. This was a way for people to carry on drinking without the police finding out – although the police were usually in there drinking with them.

Take a look at the video below.

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  1. She is just the cutest thing I have ever seen !!! I love her Beautiful Irish brogue !!! Being from Irish dissent , and never been to Ireland , makes me what to go more and more !!! Some day when I hit the lottery ☘☘☘☘

  2. Love this site! Ireland sounds like alovely place. 🙂

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