Ryanair may scrap controversial charity calendars

Ryanair 2014 calendar

Ryanair are considering whether to bring an end to their annual controversial calendars that feature their air hostesses posing in bikinis.

Ryanair 2014 calendar

While they are not alone in publishing these sorts of calendars, they have come under fire in the past with accusations of corporate misogyny. Ryanair have always argued that the calendars raise money for charity.
However, the Irish airline is looking to improve its image to combat an increase in competition in their market. Ryanair Head of Marketing Kenny Jacobs told the DMX digital marketing conference in Dublin that the infamous calendars may be scrapped.

It could be one of a number of changes for a new more customer friendly Ryanair. They are also looking at using mobile devices to make the boarding process more efficient.

Jacobs said: “Eventually we’ll all be using something on our wrist to board an aircraft.”

They are also looking at developing a new online booking process that would allow customers to log in and save their details such as passport numbers on the system. This would mean that customers wouldn’t have to go through the process every time they book a flight and could therefore save time.

Jacobs continued: “Eventually we want people to be able to book a holiday with two or three clicks.”

Ryanair has a long track record of surprise moves and innovations in the airline industry. It revolutionised air travel in Europe with its cheap fares and no frills approach. Recently, it announced that it wants to introduce bargain basement $10 fares between Europe and America.