Ryan Tubridy overwhelmed by generosity of the decent people of Ireland

Ryan Tubridy overwhelmed by generosity of the decent people of Ireland

Ryan Tubridy insists he wants the Late Late Show to remain a platform for Irish stories to be told, to an Irish audience.

He spoke about one story that had featured on the show, that was a great example of the generosity and community spirit of Irish people.

Ryan Tubridy overwhelmed by generosity of the decent people of Ireland

Munster rugby player Billy Holland and his wife Lanlih were guests and spoke bravely about their family tragedy after their daughter Emmeline passed away after being born with severe medical problems.

The couple wanted to share their story to offer comfort to other families facing difficult situations.

They appealed to viewers for donations to go to Crumlin’s Children Hospital and the CUH Children’s Ward where Emmeline had been cared for.

Tubridy said they had hoped to reach a total of €50,000 for the cause.

He said: “They came on and told their story and people just completely took them into their hearts.

“I was chatting to them after the show in the green room.

“They had wanted to raise €50,000 and we were in the green room watching the tally of donations coming in and it was hitting €150,000 within half an hour of talking to them.

“And between the jigs and reels they made it up to 700,000 in total and much of that was from Late Late show audiences.

“They were donating fivers or tenner’s; it wasn’t massive donations from wealthy people.

“This was from decent people, who maybe don’t have a huge amount themselves, but just respond with a gorgeous decency that gave great heart and hope for Billy and his family broadly.

“We were honestly bowled over because it was just this lovely reflection of the country and this gorgeous family. It was this good news story that came out of a sad one.

“To lose a child and the awful news of that and they are expecting another child in the next few weeks.

“It is utterly uncynical, they came on to raise money for Crumlin and Ronald McDonald house and to share their story with people who are in situations not far off theirs can feel less alone and a bit comforted.

“Then €700,000 later, it is breath-taking and heartening and what we are all about this year on The late Late.”

Here is the emotional discussion with Billy and Lanlih Holland on the Late Late Show.

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