Ryan Tubridy defends Irish star Barry Keoghan after the actor became a target for online trolls

Ryan Tubridy and Barry Keoghan

Irish star Barry Keoghan was a victim of online trolls who mocked his appearance on the Late Late Show.

Keoghan has been one of Ireland’s top breakout stars over the last few years, after making his name in Love/Hate, before starring in critically acclaimed movies such as Dunkirk, Black 47 and The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

However, this wasn’t enough for some people who attacked him for his interview with Ryan Tubridy.

Ryan Tubridy and Barry Keoghan

Keoghan appeared on the show to discuss his upcoming movie Calm With Horses.

He seemed nervous during the interview and people took to social media to brand the appearance a ‘car crash’ and the star ‘unhinged’.

Tubridy has hit back at the trolls and said that Keoghan is one of ‘life’s good people’.

The chat king said: “Unkind people were out and about on Friday night.

“From the moment I’ve met Barry, I’ve absolutely become completely enamoured by him because he’s one of life’s good people.

“He’s come through a tough old run of things in his life but has come out the other side with extraordinary class and star quality and he has a strange way about him when he comes on the TV because he’s nervous.

“He’s not the same off air as he on air because he gets a little nervous and he has this way that’s just a little different.

“One of my favourite things in the world are people who are just a little different and he has that. He came on and he did the interview and he was just magnificent.”

Tubridy also warned that online trolls can take their toll on a person’s mental health and they should think before they post.

He said: “You think you’re going to be smart and you think you might be funny, but you’re not.

“You’re actually being cruel and you’re being nasty and you’re being reductive — and you’re being everything you shouldn’t be as human beings.

“Be aware you won’t bring down the good guys, because they’ll always come through, people like Barry.

“You might do a bit of damage temporarily around the edges and if that’s your kick, -congratulations, you got your kick.

“Just think about what we’ve been talking about online vis-à-vis Caroline Flack and Eoghan MacDermott, who we had on the Late Late Show recently.

“These are people who actually read things, these are people with emotions, and they’re people with families. For you to do what you do, is so grotesque.”

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community