Ryan Tubridy says he will broadcast from his kitchen if he is forced into self-isolation

Tubridy admits he had therapy and stresses importance of mental health

Irish chat king Ryan Tubridy has said that he would broadcast his radio show from his kitchen if he was forced to self-isolate because of the coronavirus.

The Late Late Show host opened up the discussion on his radio show and suggested it would be ‘easy as pie’ to move his broadcast to his home if necessary.

Ryan Tubridy says he will broadcast from his kitchen if he is forced into self-isolation

Tubridy said: “I thought we could put a special microphone into my kitchen and we could broadcast the radio show from there, no problem at all I mean that’s easy as pie.

“The show goes on is what I’m saying. The Late Late Show is another story, but we will get there eventually.

“And then ultimately food drops from family and friends.

“They just leave them there at the door and then they’ll go and I’ll get my stuff and continue the broadcast to you guys from my kitchen.

“Everything is doable and that’s not to understate the seriousness of it for those who will be in trouble with it and who are going to get into trouble.”

The coronavirus outbreak has caused huge disruptions to industry and society around the world.

The governments of different countries have taken varying steps to try and control and delay the spread of the virus.

Tubridy was not making light of the situation but did discuss how to make self-isolation as comfortable as possible, talking about potential books he could read to pass the time.

He said: “If I do have to self-isolate, I’m going to get through them all. What are the upsides of this and we will find a few of them.

“Obviously, there are many, many downsides but if it’s here how can we put a sheen or a gloss on it to get us all through it.

“Why didn’t I do a coronavirus booklist for people in the next couple of days.

“I’ll go home and look through the shelves and pick out some classics and more modern books depends on what you want.”

The coronavirus outbreak has already impacted on Tubridy’s broadcasting schedule.

The Late Late Show special that was due to be aired from Limerick this week as part of the St Patrick’s Day celebrations of all things Irish has been cancelled.

One caller asked Tubridy if he would also host the show from his kitchen if necessary, but he was less enthusiastic about that possibility.

He said: “You wouldn’t fit four people into my kitchen it’s quite small but I’ll do the radio show from the kitchen.

“I don’t think I could do The Late Late Show from the house but stranger things. Let’s not rule anything out.”

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