Irish comedian accuses Kardashians of terrorism

Rubberbandits accuse Kardashians of being terrorists

Irish comedians the Rubberbandits have taken an alternative look at the lives of American reality TV stars the Kardashians, and accused them of terrorism.
The short clip was broadcast on RTÉ’s Republic of Telly and it split opinion amongst Irish viewers.Rubberbandits accuse Kardashians of being terrorists
Many found the alternative view of the glamour queen sisters very funny, whereas some of the Kardashian fans were less impressed.
The video sees the Blindboy Boatclub describe the Kardashians as terrorists for their extreme self-indulgent and vain behaviour.
Blindboy explains his theory: “The Kardashian are an anomaly. They are like girls who work at the make-up counter of Brown Thomas. Except they don’t need to work at the make-up counter of Brown Thomas cos they’re wealthier than a sunburnt ankle.”
“When they’re not acting like a shower of absolute p**s witches, they’re trying to consult their dead relatives through the use of psychics. Then they try and ring up the dead relative over the phone.
“You see, by positioning this type of bat s**t irrationality alongside extreme wealth and beauty, then framing within a title that urges you to keep up with them.
“The Karda-sheehans (Blindboy’s pronunciation) are promoting what’s known as an ideological state apparatus, one that maintains a status quo of perpetual irrationality. Basically, death doesn’t have to be real, if you just keep buying loads of s**t. Now, I call that terrorism.”
The video has received a lot of praise online but there are also some Kardashian fans that feel it is offensive.
Take a look for yourself but be aware it does contain some bad language.