Cork’s famous hardman makes a cameo appearance in The Young Offenders

Cork’s famous hardman makes a cameo appearance in The Young Offenders

Fans of Irish comedy The Young Offenders could not believe what they were watching as one of Cork’s most famous sons made a cameo in the latest episode.

The Young Offenders follows the lives of best friends Conor and Jock as they try to negotiate their way through the tough streets of Cork with various schemes and petty crimes to make some money.

Cork’s famous hardman makes a cameo appearance in The Young Offenders

The latest episode centres around their idea to get rich by selling food to football fans from a second-hand chip van.

Without giving too much away, the lads of course run into a few bumps in the road.

However, they are visited by one of the city’s most ferocious characters, as football hardman and all-round terrifying guy Roy Keane knocks on their van window wanting some fish and chips.

You will have to watch the video clip to see what happened next, but it would be a brave man to turn down Mr Keane.

The former Manchester United player is a character that divides opinion. He shocked the sporting world when he walked out on Ireland days ahead of the 2002 World Cup, after a disagreement with his manager Mick McCarthy about the lack of professional standards in the Irish camp.

By walking away, Keane not only weakened the Irish team significantly as he was their best player, he also gave up on his own dream to represent his country on the biggest stage in the sport.

But Keane could not accept anything less than 100% commitment from all those around him.

The reputation Keane built as a ferocious character during his playing days, has only been enhanced further since he moved into expert TV analysis.

His scathing criticism of current players and disagreements with his fellow pundits has been the source of many online memes and videos as football fans joke about those unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of one of Keane’s terrifying rants.

See the clip of Keane in the Young Offenders below.

If you are not familiar with Roy Keane’s work, then take a look at the videos below that feature some of the highlights from both his playing, and media, careers.

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