Romantic Irishman’s proposal video goes viral

Romantic Irishman proposes to his American yoga instructor girlfriend on the beach

A romantic Irishman has won over women everywhere – and one special lady in particular – after a video of his elaborate proposal went viral.

Shane McInerney pulled out all the stops as he popped the question to his American girlfriend Julia Gordon over the weekend.

The pair met five years ago, when Shane was working in a Florida Irish bar. He was over in the States on a soccer scholarship and was instantly smitten with yoga and Pilates instructor Julia.

They soon got together and over the last five years, their lives have blossomed as they have gone across the world together to support each other’s dreams.

Shane told “We have both been through so much to be together and make this happen. I finished college in Florida last May and signed a professional soccer contract in Sweden.

“My girlfriend Julia left her job and career and moved to Sweden to be with me. Over Christmas I had options to sign a professional contract with a few clubs but turned them down to return to Florida in order to be with Julia.”

Over the weekend, Shane suggested to Julia that they head to the beach to film a video to promote her career as a yoga instructor.

As Julia was going through her yoga positions, Shane caught her totally by surprise by proposing to her.

It was all captured on video by the cameraman who was there to film Julia’s promo video and made for a wonderful romantic moment.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise – he does come from the most romantic city in Ireland after all.

Take a look at the video below.

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