Where do the most romantic people in Ireland live?

Towns and cities where the romantics of Ireland live have been revealed

The most romantic people in Ireland come from the town of Athlone according to a recent study.

Online discount site Picoda carried out the research to find out where the Romeos and Juliets of Ireland can be found.

Towns and cities where the romantics of Ireland live have been revealed

It studied the words typed into search engines online by the residents of people all over the country.

In the month that leads up to Valentine’s Day, romantic terms such as ‘flowers’ and ‘love’ see a great spike in the number of times they are searched. The towns and cities which saw the greatest spikes were considered the most romantic.

No, it is not 100% accurate, but certainly good enough to give a guide as to the intentions of people in these places – any town or city that has a population of more than 20,000 was included in the study.

So, now the results are in it has to be said, well done to the Casanovas of Athlone for coming out on top. You are making the rest of us look real bad.

Credit must also go to residents in Waterford, which was the second most romantic city or town in the study.

Third place was Tralee, but that is possibly not so surprising as the fellas have all the beautiful Roses to try and impress each year. No wonder they are on top of their game.

Of course, with all surveys, where there are winners, there must also be losers.

So, people of Swords, people of Ennis and people of Bray… you seriously need to up your game.

Go home and tell your loved one how special they are to you. And buy them some flowers once in a while! And for goodness sake please don’t forget it’s Valentine’s Day next week! Put a reminder in your phone!

Here is the list of 22 cities and towns ranked by how romantic they are.

1. Athlone
2. Waterford
3. Tralee
4. Newbridge
5. Naas
6. Portlaoise
7. Drogheda
8. Wexford
9. Navan
10. Balbriggan
11. Limerick
12. Cork
13. Mullingar
14. Carlow
15. Galway
16. Dundalk
17. Dublin
18. Kilkenny
19. Celbridge
20. Bray
21. Ennis
22. Swords

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