Robbie Keane's son reaction to Mummy's pregnancy is adorable

Robbie Keane’s son reaction to Mummy’s pregnancy is adorable

Robbie Keane’s son was told that his wish for a little brother or sister is going to come true, as Mummy has a baby in her tummy now, and his reaction is adorable.
Robbie Keane’s son reaction to Mummy’s pregnancy is adorable
Six-year-old Robert Junior had wished for a baby brother or sister to play with and look after.
His Mummy Claudine told him the news that she now has a baby in her tummy, and Daddy Robbie recorded the conversation on his phone.
Robert’s reaction is absolutely delightful and his joy and excitement are clear to see.
Claudine tells him that her tummy has got big because there is a baby growing inside it. Robbie can be heard asking his son: “What do you think of that?” To which Robert replies: “Amazing!”
He then puts his hand on his Mummy’s tummy and realises that it is true, and a huge smile spreads across his face.
The video is absolutely brilliant and little Robert is so cute that it is already sweeping across the internet gathering up views and likes.
The Keane family have lived in Los Angeles since Robbie left Europe to play for LA Galaxy. He is the captain of the Irish national side, and holds the record for the most number of appearances and most goals scored. Many people consider him as the greatest player the country has ever seen.
He married former Miss Ireland contestant Claudine Palmer in 2008 and Robert junior came along the following year. Now Robert can look forward to a little brother or sister to look after, and the family’s joy is clear to see. Congratulations, to Robbie, Claudine and Robert Junior!
Take a look at the adorable video below.