‘Riverdanceathon’ sees dancers raise money for a great cause

‘Riverdanceathon’ sees dancers in Dublin raise money for a great cause

Nearly 600 Irish dancers have taken part in a ‘Riverdanceathon’ – a Riverdance Marathon – and raised money for a great cause.

The event featured 580 participants from 22 dance schools all over Ireland who danced alongside professionals from the cast of Riverdance.

The Riverdanceathon, which is in its third year, took place yesterday (June 21) and emulated last year’s event which was a huge success.

‘Riverdanceathon’ sees dancers in Dublin raise money for a great cause

The performance took place outside the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin and lasted for 12 hours.

Several performers from the Kidd Irish Dancing School have said that dancing is their passion and that they dream of appearing on a Riverdance stage some day.

Nine-year-old Hannah Coscoran said: “It’s my passion, it’s amazing, their feet are turned out and they’re always up on their toes. I want to be a professional dancer like them.”

This year the dancers were raising money for The Alzheimer Society of Ireland who provide support to people with dementia.

Riverdance Executive Producer Julian Erskine said: “We are delighted and proud to be in partnership with The Alzheimer Society of Ireland during our summer season in The Gaiety Theatre.

“We hope that singing and dancing together will help raise awareness and much-needed funds to support those living with dementia. We all have been touched by or know people with dementia, including our ex-Director of Operations Ronan Smith, and so this is a cause close to our hearts.

“With our Riverdanceathon featuring the Riverdance cast and the Irish Dance Schools, we look forward to helping increase understanding and empathy for everyone affected by dementia.”

The charity event coincided with this year’s Riverdance summer season at the Gaiety Theatre, which is currently running until 9th September.

Take a look at the video below.

Check out the video below of last year’s event.

If you would like to make a donation please visit www.alzheimer.ie.

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