Riverdance star’s video shows Irish dancing is cool and manly

Irish dancers shows off manliness

Male Irish dancers are just as skilled, powerful and masculine as any of the world’s top sport stars.

That is the message from Riverdance superstar James Greenan, who has produced a brilliant Facebook video to showcase the talents of the world’s top male dancers.

Riverdance star's video shows Irish dancing is cool and manly

Photograph from Riverdance.com

The video starts with the question: “Whoever said Irish dancing wasn’t cool?” before Greenan appears on screen and shows off some of his fancy footwork.

It then skips from Greenan’s home in County Cavan to Sydney Australia, where another dancer displays his moves. The video goes on to show male Irish dancers from all across the globe.

Their skills on the dance floor certainly prove that male Irish dancers have the physicality and presence to match any NBA, Premier League or NFL star.

The video has been a major hit on Facebook. It is well on the way towards 100,000 views and the comments have been full of support and appreciation of the campaign.

Michael Prine Jr. posted: “Every lad in this video put it all out there and the end result is phenomenal!! Thanks for putting the idea out there James!!”

Aishling Fox added: “Incredible! Well done James and all dancers involved! Such amazing talent!”

Greenan himself posted: “Thanks for all the support guys. It’s great to promote Irish Dance in a positive way! Share the love!!!”

Greenan is one of the lead dancers in Riverdance, and will perform with the rest of the troupe in China, Germany, Japan and, of course, Ireland.

Although he was raised in County Cavan, Greenan was actually born in England and has admitted that his first love was football, and it was only after he moved to Ireland that he developed a true passion for Irish dance.

He soon fell in love with Riverdance and is now one of the show’s top stars.

Watch the video below, but please make sure you are logged into Facebook first otherwise it may not work.

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