Record companies competed for Singing Priest’s signature

Singing Priest Father Ray Kelly has revealed that he was the subject of a bidding war this summer after he became a YouTube sensation when singing at a couple’s wedding.
After choosing his preferred record company, Father Kelly got into the studio and recorded an album which is available now.

Where I Belong by Father Ray Kelly
Where I Belong by Father Ray Kelly

The album, titled ‘Where I Belong’, contains classic songs such as ‘O Danny Boy’, ‘Amazing Grace’ and of course the song that went viral earlier this year, ‘Hallelujah’.
Father Kelly told the Irish Daily Mirror: “There was a bidding war going on between two companies for a while all over the summer.
“I had to obviously get advice as I wouldn’t have a clue with recording contracts. So I got advice and then these two guys from Vienna who saw also saw the YouTube clip.
“They had always wanted to do a Celtic album and they thought maybe I was the one for the job. My story is big in Germany – I’m going out there next Saturday for a concert on Sunday night.
“So when I went out there and did a show last May the two guys flew in from Vienna to meet me. They had a lovely vision and so they came over and worked on the powers-that-be in Universal.
“Their contract was spot on and so we agreed to make the record with them.”
Where I Belong was released last week and is available here. Father Kelly, who is the parish priest of Oldcastle and Moylagh in Co Meath revealed he that he has received support from the church hierarchy.
He said: ““I do fill the Bishop in. I even wrote to him there two weeks ago about going on The Late Late Show.
“He wished me the best of luck. I’m lucky in that I have a priest available to help me because this weekend I’ll be away so I have a priest coming to help me, so it’s great in moments like that.”
If the album is successful, Father Kelly intends to use the money to help his family members and will also give generously to charity. He said: “I haven’t got any money yet but I presume something will come – well if nobody will buy the album, it won’t.
“I’m told it will do very well because we’re going to America in March and Germany in January.
“As regards money, if I was Joe the plumber down the road they wouldn’t asking about money but because I’m a priest people do.
“I made two albums a couple of years ago and they weren’t as professionally done as this one but we had launches for those and raised money for charities.
“And this will be the same – I’ll be as generous as always to other charities and to my family as well, nieces and nephews.
“Some are struggling with mortgages so if I can help them in any way, I will do that.”
The Video that shot Father Kelly to fame was published in April 2014 and has been viewed nearly 40 million times. Check out the video below or click here to read our original story about Father Kelly’s surprise for Chris and Leah O’Kane at their wedding.