Ravelóid – Irish language summer festival needs one last push

Ravelóid organisers hopeful that festival will go ahead

An Irish language music festival is planned to take place in Dublin this summer and organisers are keen to ensure it all goes ahead without a hitch.

The festival – Ravelóid – could prove to be the one of the biggest events in the history of the Irish language.
As well as music there will be other great aspects of the Irish language such as comedy, poetry, drama and dance.
Ravelóid organisers hopeful that festival will go ahead
It is the brainchild of Tomaí Ó Conghaile and is described as: “The most unique festival Ireland has ever seen. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate our music, our culture, ourselves.”
However, in order to make sure the festival is as successful as possible Ó Conghaile is keen to make sure the huge volume of interest and positive reaction converts into ticket sales.
Ravelóid is run by a not-for-profit organisation and has no big money backers. What it does have is tens of thousands of people who have expressed interest and support.
The organisers need to pay for everything up front so that interest needs to be backed up by ticket sales.
Ó Conghaile told joe.ie: “There is a massive amount of goodwill towards the festival, we just have to turn that positivity into ticket sales.
“Not only would Ravelóid be a wonderful statement about the vitality of the Irish language in 2016 but it also promises to be one amazing weekend… ar aghaidh linn!”
If and when they cross the finish line they will be sure to put on an unforgettable weekend – June 11-12 – for festival goers.
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