Rare photos of the aftermath of the Easter Rising

Michael Kehoe

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7 Responses

  1. Teresa marina collins says:

    I’m English. .. with Irish family. I’m not better or worse than anyone.. you will never be free if your run by the Vatican. . They have done far worse to the Irish people then any country has!

  2. danny cullen says:

    I wish people when they refer to the British empire etc name it as the Government, the Lords and people of wealth and power who caused the divisions and bloodshed in Éire and not the actual British people.

  3. Paul Doherty says:

    Sheila and Judith – simply not true. You can’t have met many English people if you think that. Let me guess – you were in London, or somewhere else down South?

  4. Peadar O'hAnnain says:

    Michael Collins made a grave mistake in using the arms Churchill gave him to use on the Irish people. The British Establishment was weak, Collins should have took the arms, and used them on the British troops had they ever stepped foot on Irish soil again, and pushed for a United Ireland.

  5. Christine Collins Proven says:

    love all things Irish!

  6. Sheila mcCarthy says:

    Judith,They still think the same !

  7. judith pullman says:

    looks like the british empire did’nt want to give anyone their freedom. I spent four years in england what i always wondered why people think they are the superior race I went on one of the slave ships My they thought they were Gods.

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