Queue jumping cars – whose side are you on in this situation?

truck driver won't let queue jumper merge in tunnel footage from dashcam

A recent video has emerged online that shows dashcam footage of a car trying to merge with traffic in a tunnel – and a truck driver having none of it.
It is a scenario that all road users will be familiar with. When you reach a traffic jam it is extremely frustrating for everyone concerned.

The majority of people in the jam take the attitude that ‘we’re all in the same boat’ and grin and bear it as they travel along at around a mile every five minutes.
truck driver won't let queue jumper merge in tunnel footage from dashcam
However, anyone who has been stuck in a traffic jam will also be aware of the minority of road users who think they are above all that.
The drivers who try to sneak past the queue in another lane and then try to merge when they have got as far as they can go.
To people who have sat patiently waiting their turn this can be infuriating – why should this person be rewarded for breaking the unspoken code of the traffic jam?
On the other hand, how could we know just how important the queue jumper’s journey is? For all anyone else knows it could be a life and death situation.
The video below shows a car trying to get past a traffic jam and a truck driver who had waited in line refusing to let him merge.
The truck driver even appeared to make contact with the back of the car, before eventually reluctantly letting the driver merge.
It has divided opinion online, who would you side with?
Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling