Queen could attend Easter Rising commemorations

The Queen
The Queen

Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny is planning to invite the Queen of England to Ireland to attend the Easter Rising commemorations in 2016.

The Queen
The Queen

The ceremony will mark the 100th anniversary of the rebellion that was a decisive step towards Irish independence.

The Irish Mirror report that the Queen’s attendance will be the ‘ultimate cementing of relations between the two countries’.

The Queen recently made a speech in which she vowed to stand by the Irish government as they marked the anniversary of the Rising.

Mr Kenny said he would like the Queen to attend the ceremony. He said: “I was actually very pleased to hear the Queen speak [on Tuesday] saying that members of her family and her Government would stand side-by-side with representatives from Ireland at appropriate commemorative ceremonies and government will work out what’s the thing to do about this.”

Irish President Michael D Higgins recently made an official visit to the UK and met the Queen, Prince Charles, Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

The Governments of both countries are to work together to ensure that the Easter Rising centenary celebrations are a success.

Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore said: ““Both the British and the Irish government are very conscious that we should do this together.

“That we should commemorate the things that we share together, this is a shared history.

“I think the Government will consider issuing an invitation for participation in these events.”

The Queen visited Ireland three years ago, becoming the first British monarch to do so since the country gained its independence.

The visit was a big success and the Queen recently returned the favour, holding a reception for members of the Irish community in Britain at Buckingham Palace.