Take a look inside renovated Quarry Master’s house from Famine era

Red Lodge

A house that was built during the Great Hunger in a bid to bring famine relief to starving workers was put up for sale in 2019.

The property, in Co Cork, is called ‘Red Lodge’ and was built around 1845. It was initially home to the Quarry Master in charge of building the causeways to Inchydoney.

The small network of causeways were built as a way of providing employment to locals as part of the famine relief projects.

Red Lodge

They stretch from the town of Clonakilty towards the harbour side to Inchydoney Island. Causeways from Inchydoney Island also went to nearby areas such as Muckross/Dunmore, Cloheen and Granagoleen.

Red Lodge is a three-bedroom period residence. It is a sunny south west facing building that can boast stunning views of the countryside beyond the estuary.

It has been put up for sale for €395,000 through estate agent Sherry Fitzgerald.

The listing on the Sherry Fitzgerald website states that: “The property has breath-taking views of the daily changes in water levels across the strand which add to its ambience.”

It is located 4km from the seaside town of Clonakilty, which has several stunning beaches and was the home of the ‘greatest ever Irishman’ – Michael Collins.

The town has a Michael Collins heritage centre and a Michael Collins museum.

Red Lodge is set on around 0.6 acres of land. The three bedrooms overlook the sea. There is also a family bathroom, kitchen, open plan living area, kitchen and entrance porch.

Outside, the walls are painted red and the old features include slate and a chimney stack. It has been carefully renovated to make it habitable for a modern family, while also retaining its character.

Renovations include a re-roofing in 2011 and central heating, windows and doors being replaced in 2017. Cavity walls were pumped for insulation and a new treatment plant was installed.

Take a look inside.

To find out more visit the Sherry FitzGerald website.

Red Lodge outside

Red Lodge conservatory

Red Lodge living area

Red Lodge living room

Red Lodge fireplace

Red Lodge kitchen

Red Lodge bedroom

Red Lodge second bedroom

Red Lodge bathroom

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