Pup faces fear after stranding himself on second stair


An adorable Irish puppy has been recorded conquering his fear of heights as he nervously descended down two stairs.

It may have been just one small step for man, but it was a giant leap for dogkind.


The cute little pup, named Red, had ventured up the steps but was stopped in his tracks by a safety gate.

Now stranded a dizzying two steps high, Red pauses to assess his options before the cold truth dawns on him, he is going to have to go back the way he came.

Red’s owner Edana Cassidy from Dublin quickly realised that her pet had got in over his head and started to record him on her mobile phone.

She can be heard encouraging the frightened Red to take the plunge and hop down the two steps, with the poor fella whimpering uncontrollably.

After building up his nerve, Red fearlessly takes the leap down the first step and then the second, to land safely back on solid ground.

Phew, that was a close one!

Take a look at the video below.