Puncturing a few Irish stereotypes

People in Ireland tend to dislike Irish stereotypes in the same measure that people abroad seem to love them.
Leprechauns and shamrock, everyone drunk on Guinness or poteen, everyone having a ‘good oul brawl’ before making up and having a ‘good oul sing song’ wearing their kiss me quick hats and beating time ( and skulls) with a shillelagh.
Is that how they really see us?Irish stereotypes
One man has made a YouTube to put the record straight, in a tongue in cheek sort of way.
He bemoans the image of potatoes, little men in green, lucky charms, corned beef and cabbage, fighting and hating the English, kissing the blarney stone, Aran jumpers, harp playing…
It’s music to the ears of the stereotype weary Irish… but then there’s a bit of sting in the tail at the end. Does he let the side down?
You decide…
Watch the video here.