Irish pub manager has perfect sarcastic response to fussy customer’s bad review

O'Sullivan's bar, Cork

An Irish pub manager was able to maintain a sense of humour when a fussy customer left a bad online review following a visit.

The customer had visited O’Sullivan’s Bar, which is a popular pub in Co Cork.

Although there were no complaints about the food, the cleanliness of the pub, the speed and politeness of service – there was one problem.

O'Sullivan's bar, Cork

The reviewer posted: “Lunch time visit. Food tasty. One waitress didn’t recognise Pellegrino as a mineral water.”

Despite everything else being fine, the reviewer only gave the pub a three-star review, a pretty significant 40% of marks written off.

Perhaps the customer placed slightly too high a value on the waiting staff’s knowledge of mineral water.

To be fair to the waitress, this writer wouldn’t have had a clue either.

Her manager made sure the review didn’t go unanswered and responded by thanking them for sharing the ‘good and the bad’ aspects of their visit.

The manager replied: “With reviews you have take on board the good and the bad. The good the food was tasty, thanks.

“And the bad! Our waitress didn’t know about a brand of luxurious, sparkling drinking water from northern Italy?”

The pub have vowed they will strive to improve.

The response to the negative review is part of a growing trend of hotels, pubs and restaurants standing up for themselves against online reviews.

A poor rating on an online review site could mean the difference between thriving as a business and going under. Some customers know this and can sometimes overstep their marks with this power.

While the saying may go that the customer is always right, some of these reviewers needed a little help getting their egos back in check.

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